When the New Phone Book Arrives


Gather Autumn in Last Years Phone Book
By Patti Johnson, Education Coordinator
SCRAP Humboldt

Around this time every year new phone books start appearing at the post office and on doorsteps.  If you’re like me and grab one, thinking it will be great to keep up to date, don’t be too hasty to pitch the old one in the recycle. These soft page books are excellent for pressing leaves and flowers; as are soft page dictionaries and encyclopedias.They also work well as blotter paper for ink and stamping projects.
Simple Plant Press
Simply lay the leaves individually between the pages of the phone book, with 4 or 5 pages between leaves.  Stack the phone books flat with a heavier book placed on top.
Pressed Autumn Leaf Votive

Clean, clear glass jars (jam, olive, etc.)
Textured Paper, very thin (somewhat transparent) – I saved the rice paper sleeve from the inside of a card I received
Dried Leaves
Mod Podge type glue or Elmer water to the consistency of heavy cream
Tacky Glue
Tear the edges of the paper to give a rustic effect.  Lay paper flat, brush with Mod Podge Glue.  Wrap around jar at desired height. Let dry.
Brush backside of dried leaves with Tacky Glue.  Patiently press onto jar. Leaves will adhere to paper with the best results.
The leaves will glow with a lit candle placed inside.
Create a beautiful simple Autumn decoration and enjoy a candle glow as the days grow ever shorter.

Phone book

Make a Flower and Leaf Press